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I met a man, saw someone I wanted to see next to me, I wanted to, I gave myself! I am in complete bewilderment ...: unsure: I have never met such a male problem before, I always thought that it manifests itself in a erectile dysfunction pills more mature age! (He is thirty years old) The thing is that the erection and duration of our sexual intercourse left much to be desired ! : o This is with all that admiration for me and my skills !!! And everything would be fine, it would be possible to write it off for a long absence of sex, excitement, fatigue ... but three times in a row with one result, they made me think ... The problem is that I don’t know how to be.

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erectile dysfunction drugs

There are two options: 1. Leave it, citing the divergence in temperaments; 2. Find words to clarify with him, find out the reason and try to settle it. And if the second option is more reasonable, then how to do it more correctly? But erectile dysfunction drugs do not throw the guy because of one unsuccessful night?!? Maybe someone met this problem? I would be glad to hear good advice.

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I never imagined that I would face this problem. I was married for 4 years and was always a giant in bed, I could always control the duration of sexual intercourse and I didn’t know at all that one day could just stand or not stand at all. For a never noted problems erectile dysfunction. It all started with the fact that I divorced and was left alone, without a regular sexual partner. Divorce was solely on my initiative. From the beginning everything was fine, I was glad to live in peace, during that time I went to the girl, everything was fine, the act was with a condom, although for 4 years I didn’t know what erectile dysfunction treatments a condom was. In a word, everything was super. But 4 months after the divorce, I began to really miss my ex-wife and then it all started. It can be said that psychological erectile dysfunction has begun.

At first I ran into her when I was with two girls, so I could not satisfy either one or the other, the member stood sluggishly and fell as I entered the vagina. And I always referred to healthy people, did not smoke, did not drink, did not take drugs. He was always a giant in sex, the duration of the act was always controllable, always finished after a partner, and he could 5-6 times in a row for 2-3 hours. Girls have always been pleased.

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So when I ran into a problem, I did not pay attention at first and went quietly home. Then he began to notice that the desire disappeared, jerked off somehow sluggishly, not very. Then somewhere I met my old acquaintance, well, we decided to have sex, and mens ed she knew how I was in the past, I was excited, everything was super as soon as I wanted to enter, but he fell. Then I realized that I had arrived, everything !!! began a deep depression. Everything went with me on the shoal of the joint. I could not help but work and think, nothing ... I checked all day how a member is standing, jerking off. The mens ed pills moments were good, the moments were bad. As if he claimed himself. I myself am a gynecologist, I knew that I could not have problems, never in my life I was not ill, and I always checked my partners from head to toe. In any case, I decided to check I went to the urologist, checked everything, in short, nothing, everything is clean.

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He told me that there were no problems and said that this is psychogenic erectile dysfunction, that is, the brains are not in order after the divorce, stress. But he could not help me except that he advised a psychologist. At first I did not listen to him and forgot. All this continued terrible everyday stress, the thought that you were disabled and you could not fuck anyone was terrible. I missed my wife very much, and nevertheless decided to return to her and face off 6 months after the divorce. Very worried came to her and she tells me that she already loves another and will not return to the stone and will vitality ed pills not forgive. Everything is bad. I was not forgiven !!!! I was wiped off the face of the earth, my thoughts were killed, and everyday stress about my wife who rejected me and did not forgive, and even erectile dysfunction did not give ed pills life at all. I decided to treat erectile dysfunction with a stable approach to girls for money. He began to intercourse prenatal sialas, Viagra. Once upon a time, it did not help. So I did not come to anything.

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Without pills it did not work at all or it turned out very rarely. Then I began to lose weight, drink tranquilizers, work on the jamb, the doctor himself behaved like a doctor, but I understood that my brains, stress and depression are behind this all. I gave up girls of easy behavior, forgot about sex and decided to look for a girl that I would love or like and then everything will work out. I thought ... what could be from prostitutes, from a condom or fear of something to get sick, pregnancy, etc. I am a very attentive and responsible person and this probably prevented me from completely relaxing. So men, as I overcame all this, I began to go to a psychologist and talk to her about my erection, I began to help me, I began to prepare myself mentally for good luck and to look for a girl who would really like it and in general I would trust. The psychologist can say, I helped, somehow I returned the spirit. Then after 2 months I met the girl I wanted to relax, drank a glass of wine and took Levitra for courage and everything turned out !

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The second time I went without a pill, it also happened, so over and over again I strengthened my faith in myself. Everything was restored and I began to live.


erectile dysfunction remedies

But I really liked her, it played a role. Since then I have recovered, I have changed a lot of partners, everything is always normal. Fear is always present. But I learned to overcome and made my own conclusions.

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I advise you to believe in yourself, psychogenic erectile dysfunction happens to everyone and at any age. You just need to wish for a partner, do not strain anything and do not write down to enter into the vagina, foreplay is very important.

erectile dysfunction pills

Stress relieves a glass of wine, not more. If you are afraid to go to a psychologist, he really gives self-confidence.


You can take a pill for the first time but not more, only the first time.

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And do not be afraid that a girl will abandon you after the first time, if you don’t need one, it can be from her rudeness, without distinction and not the experience of having a peasant that you didn’t have.

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